Bristol City Action !!

Written by Neil Phillips.

...the ups and downs of an International Photojournalist / regional snapper / film maker! It's been a week dominated by sport, with much of it taken up with shooting a celebration of sport film for North Somerset council...

...I only had 3 days to shoot it and Ben Kirkley (editor) only had 2 days to edit so it was a fairly intense week. Anyway, we met some great people committed to their sport and even shot the Chair of North Somerset Council playing netball. Everybody loved the end result. We'll post the finished film in the HD Film section later this week.

When Bristol City FC are at home I photograph them for The Sunday independent newspaper and last weekend they were playing a local derby with fierce rivals Swindon Town. Being a lifelong (and therefore long suffering ) city fan, snapping them never feels like work and it's normally all I can do not to shout out instructions to the players, scream at the ref's obviously poor decisions and jump and down like a 10 year old when we score.

It certainly never feels like work to me. Just a rush of noise, colour and contrasting emotions. Shooting the football also marks the end of my working week. On saturday we draw 0-0, and battled hard for it. It was definitely a point won so my main emotion was relief but like the players I was pretty tired and it was time to relax and unwind...

Hopefully this short film captures the my afternoon.